Silver Recovery from Film and Silver Recovery

As always, the most important thing to note when asking for a quote for your x-ray recycling and silver recovery from film is not how much money you can make, rather it is of the utmost importance that the vendor will be able to document that they can offer you a certificate of destruction. You want to make sure you are in compliance with HIPAA privacy laws and work a NAID certified vendor to protect your company from substantial fines if your X-rays are not disposed of properly.

How it works:

  1. If you want a silver recovery from film quote, complete the form.

  2. A vendor who specializes in x-ray film recycling and silver recovery from film will call you and ask for an estimate of the weight in pounds of your x-rays.

  3. Get a quick free quote.

  4. Vendor will make delivery arrangements to pick up your X-rays anywhere in the country. 

  5. Depending on amount of x-rays that need to be recycled, potentially make money from the silver recovery from film.