X-ray Disposal

Helping you understand the proper way to dispose of x-rays.

X-ray Film Recycling

Learn more about x-ray film recycling to stay compliant with HIPAA.

Silver Recovery From Film

You can make money if you use a vendor that can offer silver recovery from film for your x-rays. 

Identity Theft

Protect yourself from one of the fastest growing crimes in the country, identity theft.


Learn how to be HIPAA compliant.

Document Management Whitepaper

What to know BEFORE working with a document management company.


You need to work with a NAID certified company, learn why.

RAC Audit

Figure out what a Rac Audit is all about.


Stay in tune with shredding laws like FACTA.

Shredding Leads

Are you a document management company who wants more leads? We can help.

Shredding Services

Now more then ever companies need shredding services to stay in compliance and avoid hefty fines.  

X-Ray Film Disposal

Disposing of X-rays require a certificate of destruction to be done the right way.

X-Ray Silver

Did you know X-rays have silver in them? We can remove that silver in an environmentally friendly way.

Commercial Shredder

Expanding upon shredding to give you a little more information.  

Silver Recovery from X-Ray Film

Your X-rays have silver in them that can be recovered for a potential profit.

Mobile Shredders

Mobile Shredding services companies can shred on site for you.

X-Ray Silver Recovery

We specialize in recovering silver from x-rays.

Silver Recycling

We offer up to 4 quotes for your Silver Recycling needs.

Local Shredding Companies

We have a nationwide list of partners of local shredding companies that will get you free quick quotes.

X-Ray Film Recycling Prevents Identity Theft

To be HIPAA compliant, when recycling your x-ray films you need to get a certificate of destruction.

On-Site Shredding Services

Want to know the difference between on-site shredding and offsite shredding?

Silver Reclamation

We can assist in reclaiming the silver from all your x-ray films.

Mobile Shredding

If you want the extra layer of protection you should use mobile shredding a watch your documents be shredded at your location.

Secure Destruction Services

When it comes to personal information for you or your business learn more about secure destruction services.

On Site Shredding

If you want to watch your private documents being shredded in front of you learn more about on site shredding.

Mobile Shredding Companies

Learn the benefits of working with Mobile Shredding Companies.

On Site Shredding Companies

Read about how to dispose of your sensitive information on site.

Paper Shredding Companies

Learn how to choose the best paper shredding companies to work with.

On Site Shredding Services Article

A little more detail and information for you.

Paper Shredding Truck

Get a paper shredding truck to come to your location and destroy documents at your location.

Paper Shredding Service

Learn why a paper shredding service can help protect your privacy.

Onsite Shredding Services Information

Why should you shred information onsite?

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