Document Incineration Services and Confidential Paper

Incineration Services: Many companies are committed to using an incineration service for destroying of their confidential materials. Although some vendors do offer burning services, they prefer shredding your materials for these reasons:

  1. Cost: Shredding services are often more cost effective or at least in line with an incineration service.

  2. Scrap Rebates: With the appropriate volumes, some clients are elligble for a rebate for a portion of scrap value of the shredded contents.
  3. Security: incineration is not 100% guaranteed. Often times these incineration plants are processing 100's of tons of material per day. Your 10 ton's of confidential materials are often mixed with 100's of tons of unsecure materials. There is potential for materials to spend days in the hopper before the incineration burning service destroyes your material. With a shredding service, we work in a secure environment and verify that each product is destroyed. We can even provide clients with video recorded shredding sessions.
  4. Environment: Incineration services polute our air and our environment. Our vendors offer secure shredding services recycle approximately 95% of its byproducts.

While some of our vendors do offer incineration services in your local cities and towns nationwide they all typically prefer shredding your materials because it is a secure option and often more cost effective. Shredding your materials will not add to our pollution problem and the paper is recyclyed.

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