Benefits Of A Hiring a Professional Document Storage Services Company

Document Storage Services can save you time and money!

Regardless of what industry you are in, retaining and storing documents can be cumbersome and expensive. For decades, companies both large and small have paid for bankers boxes and other containers to hold their documents and records. Then they stack and store them in rooms, buildings and warehouses. These boxes, containers and physical storage locations begin to raise the cost of the actual document storage. Once these storage locations fill up you are faced with two options. Either purge out the old and outdated stored boxes, or look for more space for your document storage. Priority should first be given to what the law or requirements are for maintaining and storing what you are wanting to keep. Sometimes companies store documents well beyond what is required because they are unaware of what the time limitations are.

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Document Storage ServicesThere are now electronic solutions to help solve document storage services issues as well as contracting with companies that will handle all of your storage needs. You can free up valuable staff time by contracting with a company that provides records management solutions. These companies will generally provide document storage solutions for business records, health care records as well as provide indexing and data entry. They can also assist in providing cartons, supplies and other consulting services. In many cases, especially in health care, document storage is mandatory and must follow strict guidelines. Storage and destruction of highly confidential patient records and charts is very sensitive to both the provider as well as the patient. The financial and banking industry also has very regulated and strict compliance programs when it comes to document storage. Many times hospitals, physicians and banks have come under intense scrutiny due to leaks of very confidential data and patient information.

The primary concern when considering help with document storage services is security. If you are not careful and mindful of your records and data, you can be fined or even imprisoned. Be sure to look for a company that has fire protected facilities. You want to be assured of the integrity and longevity of your date. See if they have state of the art and current security systems that have 24/7 monitoring of the premises. Check also to be sure that they are fully insured and that their staff are bonded with financial institutions. This helps to reduce the risk of fraud or embezzlement and assures compliant document storage. All staff should also sign agreements with their employer to retain confidentiality. Some of these companies employ the use of digital surveillance cameras and staff access systems via bar coded or encrypted access cards. Even better are the companies that use biometric identification verification. This has become just about the best and most secure method of obtaining ultimate security and restricted access. They should also verify and escort all visitors to their facility.

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Location is also very important. Having convenient access to your records and document storage services company is important to the overall efficient operations of your business. Check to see if the company is centrally located. They should have the ability to provide quick and adequate service to your needs. Some of these companies offer one hour rush as well as after hour services at a minimal charge. It is recommended that sometimes it is necessary to send your staff directly to the facility to get or look over the files. There should be a confidential and secure viewing room for this process to take place in.

Customer service is absolutely essential with your document storage services vendor. Anytime you have questions or concerns they should have qualified and knowledgeable staff that are ready and eager to assist you. Another plus in contracting your document storage services needs is the vision and expansion that the company should be investing their time, resources and budget with. You always need to be sure that your document storage needs are being met in an efficient and affordable manner.

These companies should be investing a lot of their funds into tracking databases and systems that utilize bar coding with your document storage. This type of technology used for document storage can help to guarantee fast and effective monitoring and management of your documents, files and records. It is also recommended that their technology can interface with the technology that you use, or even the competition uses. Check to see if you as a client can manage your own profiles and accounts with that document storage company. Many companies offer online account access, scanning and imaging of user files. This enables fast and efficient access anytime from anywhere.

Some of these document storage services companies also offer shredding services in addition to retention. They can offer on site document shredding service that provides secure and efficient methods of the destruction confidential and private documents. They provide document storage bins that are lockable and secure. Once the document is placed in the bin, it will be eliminated forever. They generally provide, or drive up in an on site shredding truck that is capable of handling and destroying thousands of pounds of documents. The driver typically is also responsible for removal of the bins from your facility. Then he will empty it into the paper shredding truck. The contents will then be automatically destroyed by extremely powerful shredders. Since the truck comes on site, you can have the option of witnessing the shredding if that is your preference, or policy.

Once the document storage services provider has emptied the bins and shredded the contents, the bins will be returned to your facility. These bins will be returned to the original location and the truck and shredding operator should give you written notification of the shredding functions of that particular visit. The convenience of this type of shredding can be scheduled according to your needs or preference. This shredding or document storage can be monthly, weekly or even daily. Regardless of the size or scope of your need, it is very important to have a document storage services company and a document destruction plan in place. Even if it is a one time need or project.