Paper Shredding NJ Made Easy!

Shredding is a well-known way to get rid of sensitive documents, but many people think it is too hard for a single individual or small office to accomplish. Portable shredding machines are slow, and they may even break down under heavy loads. Even many office-based shredders can only handle a few sheets at a time. Finally, the paper that does get shredded ends up loosely packed. This makes the shredding require up to hundreds of garbage bags.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid all of that hassle and still get all of the benefits: Use a paper shredding NJ service. These services pick up your documents, take them to a secure location, and run them through a giant shredding machine that makes short work of the load. This turns what would have been a giant job into a pain-free project.

  • Professional paper shredding companies can handle small, large, and even giant jobs.
  • Shredders have the equipment needed to make the process fast
  • Shredding firms will pick up your load of documents
  • Using a professional service saves hours’ worth of office labor
  • Disposal of shredding is no problem – the service takes care of it

Thanks to the time saved by hiring a paper shredding NJ company, you will likely find that you’ve saved money by using one. When you have your own employees do it, you pay for all of the hours spent doing a job that isn’t their expertise with equipment that likely isn’t up to the task. Using a dedicated document destruction company, on the other hand, gives you access to workers and equipment that is highly efficient at the task. This allows the paper shredding firm to charge lower rates than you’d end up paying otherwise.

To find the expert in paper shredding NJ that can handle your requirements, fill out the form on this site. You’ll get quotes from up to four shredders who are eager to help you safely get rid of all of the old documents in your office.

Increase Your Security with Hard Drive Shredding

If you recycle your computer without hard drive shredding, you will be leaving yourself open to identity theft. Your confidential information can be protected when your hard drive is expertly shredded. That is the only way you can be sure that your information does not end up in the wrong hands.

Advantages of Hard Drive Destruction
Recycled electronics often wind up in foreign countries. Electronic devices are recycled for valuable component materials. They are also mined for private information such as social security numbers and financial information. According to Privacy Rights, a non-profit that tracks data security theft, records show that more than 563 million records have been reported as breached between 2005 and 2012.

When looking for a hard drive shredding service expect:

  • 100% of the hard drive materials to be recycled
  • a DVD of the recording of the device destruction
  • Receipt of a Certificate of Destruction
  • Secure chain of custody
  • Zero percent of material shipped overseas

Who Uses Hard Drive Shredding?

Any person or organization desiring to dispose of a hard drive should use hard drive shredding. Here are some examples of typical users of hard drive shredding services. They include credit unions and organizations that keep medical records.

The Teacher’s Federal Credit Union (TFCU) instructs both individuals and businesses to go green and obstruct identity theft at the same time by shredding. Identity theft continues to be one of the fastest growing forms of consumer fraud. TFCU is focused on assisting members with identity theft protection by encouraging them to properly destroy sensitive documents and electronic devices including computers and hard drives.

Organizations that must comply with HIPAA can hire third party providers to destroy hard drives. With these conditions such providers are considered to be business associates, so they are required to comply with HIPAA as well. They must sign a contract with the state they operate in, agreeing to protect the data they receive until the time it’s destroyed. They must also provide proof of destruction.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Document Shredding

Document shredding may not seem like a very complicated procedure, but there are some common mistakes that you can make in disposing of your old documents. Here are a few of the do’s and don’ts that you’ll want to keep in mind in order to make sure that your old documents are properly disposed of:

DO Store Your Materials Properly Until Disposal

It does you absolutely no good to keep your old, private documents where just anyone can read them. It doesn’t take someone going through your trash to find your documents, someone in your office could see them, someone could peek through your window and take a photo of your tax returns. It’s not a matter of being paranoid, just being safe. Keep your files tucked away where not just anybody can see them until it’s time to call your document shredding people.

DON’T Try to Burn Them Instead

Unless you live somewhere where you’re allowed to start a fire, you don’t want to try and burn your documents. If you have enough of them that you would even consider calling a document shredding service, then you’re not going to be able to torch them in your barbecue. A very large fire in a fire pit might do the trick, but not if you’re burning old x-rays or something along those lines. If you’re trying to get rid of anything besides paper, don’t use fire.

DO Shred Your Materials Soon

You may not need to call the shredders every day, but you certainly don’t want to keep your materials hanging around for a long time.

DON’T Let Old Documents Pile Up

Old documents can become a fire hazard, they can take up space that you’d be better off putting towards something else and they can be difficult to deal with. Whenever your storage room or filing cabinet starts to look a little stuffy, go ahead and call your shredders.

Shredding old documents is really just a matter of getting it all together and calling the people that you trust to do the job. Just follow these tips and you should be fine.

Learn the Benefits of Secure Document Destruction

Medical clinics and hospitals regularly enter patient information into a medical database and use a specific software program to manage patient files, but what happens to things that can’t really be entered into the patient files this way? Documents such as x-rays use a silver-based film to produce images of a patient’s anatomy that may need immediate medical care. Once the x-ray film has been used, the x-ray scans can be entered into the system, but the x-ray film and negatives can’t.

This medical byproduct needs to be destroyed, but because of the semi-precious metal content they simply can’t be tossed out with the standard trash. Secure document destruction is necessary to protect patient’s rights under HIPAA law, and there are companies that provide such a service. Medical clinics and hospitals that sign up with one of these companies ship their x-ray film and negatives in large batches to be processed and destroyed.

The process takes the film and chemically extracts the silver and other metals used in creating the film and x-rays. The silver and other metals are recycled and sent back to the companies that make the x-ray film. Then the film and x-ray negatives are just like any other thin sheeted plastic and are easily shred. It’s run through giant cross-shredders that turn it into confetti sized pieces of plastic, which are also recycled and sent to plastics factories for meltdown and reprocessing.

In some cases, doctors are offered an incentive for shipping their film and negatives to a secure document destruction site. The incentive is meant to encourage doctors to recycle something that would otherwise take up space and sit in storage until long after the patients, whom the records belong to, have passed away. It’s also meant to encourage doctors, hospitals and clinics to do something positive for the environment because the silver and metals in the x-ray production process are toxic to the environment otherwise. The doctors, hospitals and clinics can also choose to store their documents offsite securely rather than have these companies do secure document destruction.

Secure Document Destruction: A Must Have for Every Company

As your company progresses, your files also pile up, and your records are becoming harder to manage than ever before. What’s worse, you are in a dilemma whether to keep additional documents for future reference or destroy sensitive information to protect and secure your company. Good thing you can now secure document destruction to dispose of your important records.

Every company nowadays should be encouraged to secure document destruction for the following reasons:

1. Privacy is every essential in each organization. A secure document destruction company allows you to destroy your records by following security standards. You don’t need to worry if there is any information leakage since the process is done with supervision. There might be dishonest employers who would use some information as evidence in courts or sell these records to your competitors.

2. Our important records have also their life span. We don’t need to keep them forever because there are new records to be kept. To reduce our waste in the office or storage rooms, the best thing to do is to destroy the documents using secured processes.

3. Keeping all your records organized by destroying sensitive information which are not needed in the company anymore will give you peace of mind. Hiring professional services to do the destruction of your documents would help you put an end to these records properly, safely, and fast.

4. Destruction of documents, especially the shredding of papers, is a big help to our environment. These shredded documents can be recycled to create new paper. You are not only helping your company get rid of your unwanted papers, but you are also doing Mother Earth a great favor by advocating recycling.

Secure document destruction services are now become more significant in small or big companies since efficiency, security, and productivity are becoming the main factors in achieving business success. If every company will organize files by keeping safe sensitive information, and disposing unwanted records properly for sure success is not far from achieving. So, don’t let your documents clutter everything. Start protecting your business with secure document destruction.

Find the Best Way to Handle Your Document Shredding NJ

Every business has old documents that must eventually be destroyed. While they might be able to sit in filing cabinets for a time, it eventually becomes impractical to store every old paper that is no longer needed. Most individuals can rely on a personal-size shredder for their needs, but these often cannot handle the volume and do not provide the security businesses need. Companies in New Jersey that have old documents should turn to a professional document shredding NJ service for their document destruction needs.

Drop Documents Off at a Shredder’s Location

For a few companies that are located close to a document shredding NJ business, dropping documents off at the shredder’s location might be the most economical method of delivering old documents. Most shredders will charge a lower rate when people drop of papers, because the shredding service does not have to drive and pick the documents up from an office. Of course, this solution is only viable for businesses that are located near a shredder’s location.

Schedule Regular Pickups

The best solution for most large companies is to schedule regular pickups of old documents. Small businesses might be able to just have a single pickup periodically, but large businesses often have a constant flow of documents that need to be shredded. When businesses ask for a regular pickup, whether it is weekly or monthly, they often receive a slightly reduced price.

Send Everything to be Destroyed

Document destruction is not just limited to old papers, but includes anything that contains information. A shredding service should be able to handle old hard drives, tapes and even prototypes, in addition to office communications. Companies should find a shredding service they can give all types of documents to.

Ask for a Certificate of Destruction

Businesses should ask for a certificate of destruction, which shows the documents were properly destroyed. This certificate not only keeps the shredding service honest, but can prove helpful in court cases regarding leaked information. If a document shredding service does not issue a certificate of destruction, companies should not use that service.

Hard Drive Destruction Can Protect Your Employees and Clients

Hard drives don’t last forever, and even if they don’t end up breaking over time, they become obsolete as advances in storage technology allow for higher capacities. If you have sensitive data on your hard drives, such as medical records, you might feel like you need to hang on to these drives. You also don’t want to just format the hard drives and call it a day, as the data on the drive is not completely destroyed. What you need is a hard drive destruction service that takes the hassle out of it for you.

The data on a hard drive is stored in individual sectors on the drive. When you format the drive, you remove the references in the hard drive’s database that points to the data contained in that sector. However, the data is not completely destroyed until it is overwritten entirely. A hard drive destruction company typically passes over sectors several times, making sure that none of the original data remains on the drive. After the sectors have been overwritten, the drives may be physically destroyed or refurbished for future use.

You need to be aware of regulations surrounding sensitive information for your field, especially if you’re in the medical field. When you choose a hard drive destruction company, make sure that they are up to date on all regulations for your industry. Even if you aren’t dealing with patient data, you don’t want your client and employee data to ever be at risk. You want to present yourself as a trustworthy company that cares about the data entrusted to you.

When you look for a company that handles hard drives, see if you can talk to other companies in your field that have used them before. You want to get an idea on pricing, the process for sending your equipment to them, exactly how they destroy the data on the hard drives, and what their customer service is like.

Keep Your Company Safe with Document Shredding

Document shredding can make the difference between a trade secret and common knowledge. Imagine if Coca-Cola’s suppliers accidentally tossed an order sheet in the trash after supplying them with their secret ingredients. All it takes is one reporter looking for his lucky break to put an end to a century-old trade secret.

Document shredding can also be a big help in keeping inside troubles from becoming scandals. It’s none of the public’s business, none of the competition’s business, what the CEO does in his or her spare time, but that won’t stop them from taking an interest, all the same. Document shredding can help to protect your company in more ways than one. Here are a few instances where you absolutely should not dispose of your documents through any route besides total destruction:

X-Rays and Medical Information

X-Rays and medical data should always be disposed of properly. You are obligated in the medical field to take care of the patient’s privacy, to respect their right to confidentiality. An athlete might not want everyone knowing that he or she has a broken leg. A business owner might not want the world knowing that they’re battling cancer. It’s not just your secrets that you need to protect for the sake of your company, it’s the secrets held by your clients, as well.

Anything and Everything in the Legal Field

A lawyer who doesn’t shred private documents when disposing of them is a lawyer that you simply don’t want to hire. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance in law.

Resumes, Applications and Other Employee Information

You don’t need people being able to find all of the phone numbers and addresses of people who have worked for the company. One phone number can undo years of shredded documents as a jaded employee can spill the beans on plenty of inside projects.

Shredding your documents is just a smart way of playing it safe and avoiding unnecessary risks. Why take the chance of tossing your old documents in the trash?

Is Your Document Shredding Service the Most Reliable?

Many administrators and business owners are too busy to review their third-party vendors regularly. However, taking the time to think about your company’s document shredding service for a few moments could save you, and your company, time and aggravation. Here are four questions to ask yourself, which will help you assess the quality of care your document shredding service provides.

Do They Show Up On Time?

You would never put up with an employee who shows up for work sometime during the day, whenever it is convenient for them. So, why should you use a document shredder who comes when it is convenient? Document destruction companies, as well as all the vendors your business relies on, should show up when they are scheduled.

Do They Meet All Your Shredding Needs?

Document shredding services should meet all of your company’s shredding needs. They should be able to destroy everything from standard papers to old prototypes. Some other items they ought to handle include:

  • X-rays
  • Old computers and hard drives
  • Videotapes
  • Cassette tapes
  • Product samples

After all, if a company that specializes in properly destroying items cannot take care of something, then your business likely will be unable to destroy it.

When’s the Last Time You Called Customer Service?

Hopefully you do not know the answer to this question, because you rarely have to call their customer support department. If you are calling regularly, there may be a reoccurring issue that will continue to require your time. Also, if you remember a poor experience with customer service, it may be time to switch document shredding services.

How Much is Your Business Paying?

The document destruction industry has become a competitive marketplace, where firms will vie for your company’s business. It is easy to call or go online and ask shredding companies for quotes. Shopping around might save your company a few dollars. In the current economy, even a few dollars can help a business’ bottom line.

If any of your answers to these questions give you reason to consider changing document shredding services, it is easy to find a new service. A reliable document shredding service can be found online or reached on the phone.

Get Rid of Your Clutter by Utilizing Hard Drive Destruction Services!

There are many reasons to be concerned about privacy. Carefully controlling private information helps prevent identity theft, leaks of corporate secrets, discovery of personal information that is no one’s business, and more. In some cases, strict controls are even mandated by law. This is true when it comes to medical records, legal documents and more.

Because of the emphasis on privacy, many people are reluctant to throw out hard drives and other repositories of personal information. This is for good reason: Some say that it is possible to recover information from a hard drive even if it’s been overwritten seven times. Unfortunately, there is a negative side-effect to the valid concerns surrounding hard drive disposal: clutter. Many individuals and offices end up keeping entire computer towers because of fears that the hard drive will be readable. Needless to say, it isn’t long before an office can fill an entire storeroom with these old machines.

The solution to this problem is professional hard drive destruction. Companies specializing in this service don’t just try to overwrite sensitive information. They literally destroy the physical drive by shredding it to pieces. Once shredded, that drive can never be read again.

Thanks to the physical destruction of your old hard drives, you can:

  • Get rid of all of the old computers you haven’t used in years
  • Free up storage space
  • Stop worrying about hackers getting at long-forgotten equipment
  • Avoid worrying about there being some way to recover data that you wanted gone

Using a professional hard drive destruction service is easy. All you need to do is get your old hard drives into the company’s hands and they will do the rest. Soon, all that will be left of those drives will be strips of destroyed components.

Just fill out the form on our site to be connected to hard drive destruction companies in your area. You’ll get up to four quotes from firms that can meet your needs. Soon, you’ll be enjoying an empty storeroom – and the freedom of not having to worry about someone using the old drives to compromise your private information.

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